Agirre Paw’s has developed from a need for sled dog gear.

We try to offer an alternative to foreign companies’ products. In other words, genuine and Estonian.

Agirre Paw’s makes besides collars and leashes harnesses, lines, running belts, and a lot more you would need for mushing. If you don’t see the product you are looking for, you need only to ask, we will surely find a solution for you.

Agirre Paw’s workshop is small and homely, here we make all the gear by ourselves. We consider all your dog’s uniqueness and your wishes, because of that every product we make is unique. Before we can start making said gear, we need to have your dog’s measurements. After that, we will be making your dog a piece of gear that is well-fitting and comfortable.

Agirre Paw’s dog gear is always in testing by our dogs. Kennel Agirrekoikoa’s sled dogs race at high levels where the gear has to be light, comfortable, durable, and well made.