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LIMPSI is waiting for a new home

born. 15.10.2017, sterilized. Limpsi is a small female husky with an impressive appearance. Moves well and quickly, does not let the line loose. Limpsi is a universal dog, I can lend him to anyone, and Limpsi always does his job honestly. In a large application, Limpsi usually runs somewhere in the middle, but it is also fully capable of controlling the application independently. With Limpsi we have developed our own joke when guests who come to the kennel to see the dogs. I release Limpsi, she quickly runs to guests, I quickly say that I have to warn you about Limpsi, Limpsi can be ... licked. Then I see how the guests breathe a sigh of relief because everyone is waiting for a different ending to the sentence. Limpsi is a very friendly dog.Limps can take his own harness with him, if you put it on him, he will be very happy to run in front of the bike, sled or ski.