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b. 18.02.2022 v. Always Wins Vigo For Erle m. Agirregoikoa DiiDii color: Agouti

Genotype: E/- ky/ky aw/- B/- or Em/- ky/ky aw/- B/- A locus haplotype: VP2 HCP2 Agouti is an ancestral phenotype and is the most common in modern grey wolves. This color is due to a combination of alleles at different genes that gives a banded coat. There are two genotype combinations that give this color in Siberians which are denoted above, however there are minor phenotypic differences between these genotypes resulting in variation in this color. The Em agouti has a heavy black mask around the nose and lips at minimum, but may extend to cover the eyes as well. Hairs can show anywhere from two to five+ bands with these genotypes. Note that a root band, or dark color along the base of the hair, does not need to be present for this color. Many factors can affect pigment switching on these genotypes such as age, diet, length of coat, season, health, etc.

NIKELBACK was my favorite as soon as he was born, as soon as I saw him I said he is mine :) NIKI has been very expressive, indulgent and friendly with everyone since he was little puppy. If there is a game going on somewhere, NIKI will definitely be a part of it. Even the puppies of the other litter are a friends. The game partners are sister Ellu and friend Willy Wonka. However, what you can't see with the naked eye, but the camera captures such expressions that you'll go crazy. In the meantime, I call him bunny boy because no one has so long rear legs as NIKI. If while walking I feel that someone's head is placed in my hand, then I can close my eyes and say that it is NIKI who came to ask for his strokes, he gets a lot of them. :)



b. 18.02.2022 v. Always Wins Vigo For Erle m. Agirregoikoa DiiDii color: Red KB Domino Tanpoint (no official name) Genotype: eA/- KB/- at/- b/b Red Tanpoint (no official name) Genotype: E/- ky/ky at/- B/- locus haplotype: VP2 HCP3-5 Dogs with this color are just like the black-based version, but the black pigment is now brown.

WASABI is a serious boy. Follows older dogs and tries to imitate them. All current lead dogs had this feature as a puppy, so Vassu is most likely a future lead dog. A 2-year-old copy of Wasabi is currently running on Norwegian tracks and whose owners highly praise him. :) So the expectations for him are high. We have never had a puppy as big as Vassu before, when he was born he weighed 705 grams, a real giant. In one of the pictures, he is five months old standing next to his 2-year-old brother AC/DC - well, he's still slightly shorter than his brother in height. :)



EST-01242/19 b. 08.07.2018 v. LUMIKIISAN HUSKY WAUDE m. ARE TO RUN OLIVE

Vigo, Viksu, Viku, Papsu, Paps, Papsik, PapaFigo, Papageeno... Many names for a good child 🙂 I call Papsiku by all these names and Papsu also responds to all these names. 🙂 Paps came to our kennel from far away, we can safely say that from the other side of the world. He and his sister Jou-Lii were very welcome and we had to wait a long time. It was one of the best decisions for the kennel in terms of breeding. Most of the young dogs in the kennel are sons of Papsu, that's why I call him Papsu. 🙂 If Paps is fast, his sons are even faster and stronger. PapaVigo really needs to run hard, to show the children an even better example. I like that Viksu gives on his speed, character and color. Agouti is my personal favorite color. Papsu's coat is short, in the spring he is the first to shed his winter coat and it goes quickly in just a few days. If there's one thing to grumble about, it's his appetite. Papsik is a relatively picky eater and often does not finish his portion. Viksu was my number 1 until my husband started grumbling that he would also like to win in competitions and so I surrendered Papsu to him with a heavy heart. But I have my youngsters who are already as good as their Papsik 🙂



EST-03858/18 b. 07.06.2018 v: Reebook's Ocean m. Hilde Cold Heart Viktoriya Pride

Nuuno is the shyest dog in our kennel. He is the biggest worker when he gets going. I've probably competed with him more than with anyone else. Start is a weak spot because of his shyness, butwhen the momentum is already there, it's like a perpetual motion machine, who doesn't stop galloping even up the hill. As you can see from the pictures, he can successfully compete with others besides me. He is best used in DS2 Disciplines, because the thought of another dog running next to him gives him courage. Then we usually choose a small and fast female like Jou-Lii or Käts next to Nuuno. As a puppy, he was not at all timid. The shynes came after an accident in one of the training sessions. With this I prove my statement that fearful dogs are not born, but there must be some trauma related to the dog. Otherwise, he is one very cute Nuuno! 🙂



b.07.06.2018 v: Reebook`s Ocean m: Hilde Cold Heart Viktoriya Pride

Nilsu is a universal dog, I can give him for a ride to anyone and he will go. I can make him run next to anyone and he's neutral. He can be the lead dog of the team, as well as do heavy work in wheel. Can keep up with the youngsters in speed. In the kennel he is always neutral, does not pick a fight with anyone. Encourages everyone to run fast laps around the yard. He is not friends with Marki, but together they run laps in the yard. Nilsson and Marki are also a good competition pair for that reason, that both want to run faster and ahead of the other 🙂 His appetite is moderate, his coat is rather short but dense, in winter there is never any doubt that he could be cold. A lovable dog in every way 🙂



EST-02552/20 b. 29.03.2020 v. Always Wins Vigo For Erle m. Arctic Storm

Hyperactive. With his activity, he was a nasty little bitch as a puppy. Everywhere underfoot, everywhere blocking the way, always demanding attention. He looked into your mouth and said: "Mom, just give the order, I will fulfill all your wishes" Where do you want me to walk? Either in front of you, or behind you, or maybe next to you, but on which side... Do you want me to drive the others away? Do you want me to dig a hole under the fence for you? Do you want me to do the fastest laps around you? Do you want me to chew your hand, ah I don't want to. 5 seconds later: "but now..." Trois: "Mommy, look how fast I am, I'm ahead of everyone!" “Look, I'm jumping onto the box from two meters.” “Hey mommy, you haven't greeted me according to the etiquette yet.” “Is that slobbery dog ​​bothering you, do you want me to bite him?” “Why don't you want anything?” Etc, etc… Haski with whom you could try agility. Yes, and do you know what happened when he started training? All this excess energy found an outlet and I have one incredibly fast dog, whose line I can't pedal slack. 🙂 And when he and his brother (Hey Hopsti Väikevend) are in front of DS2, they are an absolutely unbeatable pair 🙂 In short, superman or superdog, only the cape on the back is missing. 🙂


AGIRREGOIKOA LUCKNAM PARK - "Hey Hopsti Little Brother"

EST-02553/20 b. 29.03.2020 v. Always Wins Vigo For Erle m. Arctic Storm

Hopsti is a dog I have to apologize to. When he was born he was small and clumsy, that's why I started calling him Little Brother. At the age of two months, I decided to sell Hopsti, the buyer was from Russia, but when the first corona pandemic broke out in 2020 and the borders with Russia were closed, I looked for transport underground and above ground, but in vain, the borders were iron, I was no longer actively looking for a new owner, and so Hopsti stayed with me. The dog I didn't expect much from, the dog that was not sold, the dog that was not my favorite in terms of character or appearance, the dog that constantly quarrels with others, the dog that clawed at everything that moved, the dog who was rather a coward, the dog that didn't obey commands, the dog who…etc. Now I have to eat my words and Hey- Hopsti, sorry for all the thoughts, I take back all the words - you are the best! All the cons listed above turned into pros overnight. You ask how? Answer - I don't know. As if someone had snapped their fingers in the evening and there was a different dog in the morning. There is no other so fast as him! I call hopsti a square, he is the most square dog in my kennel 🙂



b. 03.06.2020 v. Always Wins Vigo For Erle m. Agirregoikoa DiiDii mv. Reebook`s Ocean

When talking about a dog in a superlative, it can be Toothless. Toothless is named after the cartoon Taming of the Dragon, where the viking boy Kokutis' dragon is named Toothless. Good cartoon, I recommend watching it :) Toothless is an oblong dog, he is the longest dog I have. It was understandable from a puppy age that he was born to be a leader. He is dignified, intelligent, honest, fair...etc. He is very strong and fast. He's always my first choice in DS1. I can guess what this dog is capable of in the following seasons,if already in the first season it shows such progress that oh-oh-oh. But we'll see :)



EST-03050/20 v: 03.06.2020 m: Always Wins Vigo For Erle e: Agirregoikoa DiiDii mv: Reebook`s Ocean

"RAPSU" is undoubtedly a young dog with a great future. He is big, strong and fast. He started racing in 2022 February and like all young dogs, he ran his first season in wheel position, but at the end of the season he was already able to run in lead and he will most likely become an excellent lead dog in the future. What I especially like about him is Rapsu's friendliness towards both adult dogs and puppies- he is happy to play with everyone, he is very social and goes chilling with our son in the village 🙂 Rapsu is a very handsome young man with his blue-brown eyes and black-orange color 🙂

Agirregoikoa AC/DC Thunderstruck

Born: 03.06.2020 EST-03048/20 s: Always Wins Vigo For Erle m: Agirregoikoa DiiDii

AC / DC is a charming Siberian Husky with a sprinter body and a look that he has inherited 100% from his maternal grandfather Reebook's Ocean. He is a lively, curious and playful young dog but he does not let others walk over him in the pack. AC/DC has only been working in the team for a few months. Like many young dogs, AC/DC allows himself to be tempted by things happening beside the trail and would gladly admire some butterflies or try to chase a mouse.



b: 08.04.2019 v: Always Wins Vigo For Erle m: Arctic Storm

Marki is a small male siberian husky with a beautiful agouti color. Agouti is definitely my favorite color for a siberian husky. Marki is very fast. Already at the age of two, he and his sister Sassenack won a silver medal at the 2022 Winter WC in Östersund. It started getting good only in the second season. When we appli Marki in team, he is very emotional and can make a lot of noise out of nowhere. Before the start, he jumps, throws himself on his back like a crocodile, squeals like a piglet that has been suddenly picked up, etc. He can give a real show. Because of him, you have to hold the team before the start. When we go for a run in backyard, Marki and Nilsson are make quick rounds, which also gets all the other dogs going. If the husband goes to compete in the DS2 class, Marki is the first choice, the more difficult question is who to put aside? Who could resist that speed :)



b: 08.04.2019 v: Always Wins Vigo For Erle m: Arctic Storm

A dog to whom I use the phrase "Tinu, my life, my heart". Really! Tintinnabuli is a very special dog. That he would become the leader of the team was already visible in his puppyhood. Tintinnabuli is a medium-sized male dog with a very beautiful build. Tintinnabuli is exceptionally intelligent, in the first year he worked in the back pair of the team. Unexpectedly, a situation arose where it was necessary to replace the leader dog, and we replaced it with Tintinnabul. Then it turned out that he is not a simple back wheele dog, but a born leader. He had memorized all the commands while working in the back and led the team like an old leader dog. While working, Tintinnabuli is loyal and honest. It really found its run in the third season and the going is powerful. He can work in all positions of the team. For us, he is a competition dog of the A team at both short and long distances. The coat is short, but with a good undercoat. In the pride, Tintinnabuli is one young male who wants to be the leader. He is fair and gets along well with everyone. Tinnu is one of the dogs that I gave to Silver, but I have a Tintinnabul puppy - Willy Wonka - who will most likely grow into an even more powerful dog as papa Tinnu. :)