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b. 17.02.2022 v. Always wins for Vigo Erle m. Agirregoikoa DiiDii color: Tanpoint (no official name) Genotype: E/- ky/ky at/- B/- A locus haplotype: VP2 HCP3-5

Ellu is a playful five-month-old puppy. I planned to keep one female from the litters of DiiDii and Vigo. Since there have been only 3 female puppies in the litters, one of went to Germany, one to Estonia for long-distance, so Ellu was the last and will mean the last, because according to the breeding regulations of the Estonian Kennel Association, in Estonia a one pair of parents is allowed to have only two litters in a lifetime, and they are done. Ellu will definitely grow to a large size, a long slender female, her birth weight was 650g. Very similar to his 2-year-old full brother Hambutu(look male dogs). By nature, he is very wise and friendly, but he always hassles his brothers, and when the brothers hurt him, there is trouble in the house. I have to remind him all the time that Ellu don't get nervous. :) Sometimes there is a moment of rest as you can see in the photos and immediately she can play again.



b. 08.07.2018 v. LUMIKIISAN HUSKY WAUDE m. ARE TO RUN OLIVE color: Agouti Genotype: E/- ky/ky aw/- B/- or Em/- ky/ky aw/- B/- A locus haplotype: VP2 HCP2

Agouti is an ancestral phenotype and is the most common in modern grey wolves. This color is due to a combination of alleles at different genes that gives a banded coat. There are two genotype combinations that give this color in Siberians which are denoted above, however there are minor phenotypic differences between these genotypes resulting in variation in this color. The Em agouti has a heavy black mask around the nose and lips at minimum, but may extend to cover the eyes as well. Hairs can show anywhere from two to five+ bands with these genotypes. Note that a root band, or dark color along the base of the hair, does not need to be present for this color. Many factors can affect pigment switching on these genotypes such as age, diet, length of coat, season, health, etc.

Jou-Lii my currant-eyed girl. When Jou-Lii looks at you, you can drown in those eyes. Jou-Lii got its name from one of my favorite songs, Dolly Parton - Joulene: My heart belongs to him and his heart belongs to me. Jou-Lii is a small but very fast working-line siberian husky female who does her work with all seriousness. She will drop dead sooner than she will stop the pulling. When Karmen used Jou-Lii as a lead dog for the first time, she said one word when returning from the track: "Wow"! Jou-Lii is simply lovable and immediately wins the hearts of all kennel guests. He just puts his paws on you and looks deep-deep into your eyes. In the kennel, she is rather humble with all the other females, but with her "girlfriend" Ronja, they run with their withers up for a round, then a kind of unspoken agreement is reached and peace on earth is achieved. When I go to pick the mushrooms, Jou-Lii is one of the dogs who always comes with me because he doesn't go far from me and listens to the command HERE after half a word. :) Which is generally very difficult to teach for a siberian husky. Jou-Lii is Papsu's sister, together they came to me from the other side of the world, two orange dogs. The orange harnesses they wear suit them very well. :) They were very welcome puppies. Jou-Lii has passed the PKKK work tests with an excellent result: VEO-1. Position in the application - leader dog. Character - lovable, sweet, gentle :)



s. 15.10.2017

Limpsi is a small female husky with an impressive look. Moves well and quickly, does not let the line loose. Limpsi is a universal dog, I can lend him to anyone, and Limpsi always does his job honestly. In a big team, Limpsi usually runs somewhere in the middle, but she is also fully capable of lead the team independently.




TORMI, TORMAJA, TOBUTORMI... Tormi is agen a good child with many names :) If you want to laugh, you can watch Tormi for a while and you will definitely laugh. The starts of Tobutormi and his sister Limpsi are legendary, together they are like ping-pong balls they can't wait for the start. Tormaja has a very good running technique, such a flowing and she has an insane will to run. Our current best competition dogs like Tintinaabuli, Marki (2022 Östersund WC silver DS2), Sassenack (2022 Östersund WC silver DS2) and Catness are Torm`s puppies. The fifth puppy of the litter traveled to Moscow, where he has already won the Russian championship. Tormi gives his running style to the puppies and we love it. ;) Tormi is the smallest female dog in our kennel. If one dog can be called a dog clown, it is definitely Tormaja. :)



EST-00352/22 b. 10.06.2020 v. MARS ULTOR TANK m. SOULRAYS MOTOKO

Capu is a beautiful girl with whom we have big plans :) Capu reached competition age in the winter of 2022 and was the first to take a part from the 150km long distance race "Talvõtii". Capu is a slender girl with tall legs and a long tail. :) I think it is not wrong to say that she is the female dog with the highest withers in our kennel. Despite his young age, he is already trying to claim the place of alpha female in the kennel. When he wanders around in the garden, he makes his peculiar thin voice, that all the time I have to ask: "Capu, what are you doing?" What I like most about him is his running technique. You could say he has a very nice flowing technique. Capu's father - TANK, together with his owner Anna Glasunova, is a multiple world champion and Russian champion. So Capu carries very good genes. In 2023, it is planned to take one litter from him. But I always tell my young friend that God in heaven laughs when a human makes a plans. Let's wait and see!



b. 14.12.2015 DOG - PROFESSOR Estonian Champion EKL PKKK - VEO3 Ronja has passed: research on inherited eye diseases – not found as well as dysplasia tests - clear or A / A, and elbow examination - clear or 0/0.

The matriarch of our kennel, mother and grandmother of all our dogs. I can't say what we did to earn her, but life just brought her to us. If someone has the right to speak in the kennel, she is the one. Ronja can lay down another dog with her gaze. Demanding but fair. Appearance - Estonian Champion Evaluated as a working dog by the Estonian Kennel Club PKK with the title of VEO3. If we need to teach someone dog sport or get a child to ride a dog safely then Ronja is always the first choice. Ronja is pure breeding and working dog. Despite her age and tight schedule, she is actively involved in both training and competitions. No one wants to pull so terribly and in front of everyone as she does. She has passed on her character, size and pulling instincts to all her puppies. She doesn’t give on her look, but we know that 99% of the puppies will look like the father. All puppies are excellent sled dogs - fast and strong.


AGIRREGOIKOA DIIDII - Tiidu - Tuudu - Tutti

(so meny names has she)

b: 07.06.2018 v: Reebook`s Ocean m: Hilde Cold Heart Viktoryia Pride

She is the pearl of our kennel, in addition to her beautiful appearance, she is also a very good sled dog - fast and strong. Diidii is probably the only dog I haven't had to encourage "forward, forward," because she always has four-wheel drive, the line is tight and she is ready to go at all times. In the team, I can use her as both a lead and wheel dog, the latter precisely because of her power, which she has more than some male dogs. Diidii has given us two great litters, of whom the two year olds are already running very well in competitions. My friend took a puppy from Diidi's litter just for the great qualities listed above and for the extra praise because of her great character. For my part, I can add that Diidi's puppies have always had an impressive color, they are big, strong, fast and with a very stable nervous system. By now, the pups are scattered around the world - in Estonia, Norway, Germany and Latvia.

Health examinations: hereditary cataracts – not found. Awarded by EKL PKKK: VEO-1 Photo: Sigrid Keerd



b: 08.04.2019 e: Arctic Storm i: Always Wins Vigo For Erle

Catness is a young female working-line siberian husky with a very beautiful exterior, dry build, quick and expressive appearance. If there is a need to find someone fast in front of the team, we choose him. By nature, Kätu is a very friendly slob, if you can say so. In pride rather delivers on his own. In the first half of the walk, he has disappeared somewhere, but in the second half, he approaches me every 100 meters with the face of a jam thief on his head and demands his petting. :) In team she works honestly and can run both in the leader's position and in the back wheels. This season, something happend and Kätu turned into an ideal leader dog, she listens and reads commands immediately and correctly. And since Kätu runs in the team leading position in most training sessions and competitions. If the plans come true, we are planning one litter of puppies from him in the future.



b: 08.04.2019 v: Always Wins Vigo For Erle m: Arctic Storm

Sassenack is an extremely capable, strong and fast, rather larger female Siberian husky. She is the kind of female who is able to work equally with males. In the 2022 season, as only two years old, together with their brother Remarque and Silver, they won a silver medal at the Östersund WC. With Sassu, we have very definite breeding plans for the spring of 2023, we have courted and our lover is very far from Estonia. We plan to keep most of the puppies, it depends on how many are born and then we will decide how many we will donate. :) But I've never been so excited about a yet-to-be-born litter. :) Sassu has a very active nature, in the team is rather the back wheele, but can also freely be the teams's lead dog. He has a good appetite and recovers quickly, it is very easy to overfeed him. We have to follow his diet a bit more strictly than other dogs. One of Sassenack's brothers (Turbo) is in big sports in Russia and already became the Russian champion in the DS1 RBN class in year 2021.