Siberian Husky is a medium-sized compact dog with a dense undercoat and good endurance. The breed was created for working, to be able to pull heavy loads with moderate speed for long distances on snow. The fast and agile Husky is known for their powerful yet seemingly effortless stride.

The Husky is a graceful compact dog with the males weighing up to 27kg. They are smaller and lighter than the Alaskan Malamute. The eyes can be either brown or blue, or a mix of both colors. They also have a big variety of coat colors, from solid white or black to spotted dogs.

Huskies are very friendly yet demanding and dignified. They are born to live in packs and therefore enjoy living with a big family. It is good to not keep Huskies as lone dogs. On the other hand, the friendliness makes them useless as guard dogs.

Huskies still retain a lot of their hunting instinct so having an enclosed running area is essential.

One other attractive characteristic of Huskies- their clean and non-smelling coat.


Owning a Husky is not only a privilege it is also a responsibility.

They require a lot more than only food and shelter. If You are planning on owning a Husky You need to be able to also take care of one.


The Siberian Husky is a relatively healthy breed with very few common illnesses. It is required to test the eyes and hips before breeding.


The Siberian Husky usually has a self-cleaning goat, only needing one to two baths a year. Of course, when they have managed to roll in some smelly thing, which they love to do, You would need to wash them more often.

The Husky is a double-layered breed, they will shed their undercoat two times a year and need thorough brushing. Indoor dogs may shed some amount the whole year.

Another important aspect is the claws, it is very important to keep the claws short since long claws will cause pain, discomfort when walking, and even foot deformities.


The Husky need regular training, only taking a working-line Husky for walks may not be enough, they love to run and are the happiest while doing it. That also means that they will try to escape just to go running and exploring. It is crucial to keep your dog leashed if you don’t have a 100% recall in ALL situations, even if there is a deer or rabbit because Your dog WILL chase it. They will also need an escape-proof fence.

Despite seeming a high energy dog, the Husky is actually a good indoor dog and adapts well to urban living. Well bred Huskies should have a good ON/OFF switch, crazy while running, calm while resting, after all, it is important to collect strength for the next round. But without sufficient training, you will have a little vocal devil.


All dogs need to have good manners, know some basic obedience, and be acquainted with numerous situations, places, animals, and objects. Early socialization (=introducing dogs to new objects, places, and so forth in a safe environment) is key with all dogs.

Training a Husky requires steel nerves and thousands of repetitions. They are an independent breed and will often not want to work with you. It is important to try and figure out how to make training more fun for You and Your dog.


Siberian Huskies were originally bred not to require large amounts of food. Still, they need good quality food. The amount will depend on how much energy they burn. It is crucial not to overfeed Your dog as even a small amount of overweight (ca.2-4kg) can be bad for Your dog’s joints, especially if they are doing sport.


1. They are social dogs who should be friendly even with strangers. A such they don’t make guard dogs.

2. They require lots of exercise. Pulling is an activity that they were bred and are still bred to do to this day. An hour of good exercise a day should be adequate. They are a good choice for active people who like to do different active activities.

3. If You are considering a Husky, also consider dog sledding as it is what they love to do the most.

4. They shed a lot and twice a year. Indoor dogs even throughout the whole year.

5. They are escape artists. There is little that can hold them in. They run fast, jump high, and can even climb fences. They love digging and chasing wild animals. If you don’t have 100% recall do not let your dog off-leash, You never know what can happen. Better safe than sorry.

6. They can have quite the personality and often that will mean that they are unlikely to obey commands. Training a Husky will require a lot of patience. Remember that You are the one who makes the rules, You are the one who provides freedoms, attention, necessities. Think what makes a good boss to work for. There are clear expectations of what you need to do, the pay is good, you get special privileges for working extra well, you can go with your worries and know that they have a solution, but they also expect you to arrive on time, not break rules and work hard.