The dryland season has begun – sled dogs drive guests with buggy

Sõidud Siberi haski kelgukoertega

Dear friends and enthusiasts of Siberian huskies and sled dogs!

As the nature around us has sprung to new life, the awaited time has also arrived when the sleds are put to rest in the winter apartment and replaced by something else exciting. Yes, dry land season is upon us, and that also means that the sled dogs are ready to transport guests!

Did you know that interacting with dogs, especially sledding or sledding with Siberian huskies, not only provides fun and memorable experiences, but also has a good effect on our general well-being. Tried it myself 🙂 What could be a better free time than to come out into nature and do something completely different than usual.

Our visit usually includes: (exact content depends on the selected package):
– Introduction of the Siberian husky kennel and dogs;
– preparing the buggy/sled and the application;
– ride with sled dogs;
– after the ride, a walk with the dogs, guests can pet the dogs, choose their favorite and take selfies

In addition, we offer:

– indoor spaces for organizing events/events

To book an appointment, call or write to the contacts below and we will arrange a suitable time.
Phone: +37256648117
Email: agirrehuskyd@gmail.com
Viira, 61611 Kolga village, Nõo parish, Tartumaa

Rides take place at temperatures below +15 degrees.

Have you already decided when you will visit us? Don’t delay any longer and book your adventure today! Do you want to organize a memorable event or birthday? See more information HERE.