Skyttens Baltic is a ambassador, representative and reseller of a Danish firm SKYTTENS in Baltic countries.

Our goal is to offer quality dog and cat food for affordable prices in Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian markets.

SKYTTENS is a Danish family company that has been making high-quality dog and cat food for European countries since 1970.

With the collaboration of veterinarians and breeders, the company has a long experience in developing and manufacturing animal feed and is a leading manufacturer in Denmark.

Their purpose is to offer excellent service and quality.

In Skyttens we work together with police and hunting dog owners and with different dog associations. Skyttens’ dog and cat foods are for a knowledgeable owner.

Skyttens offers high-quality, balanced, healthy, and complete foods for both cats and dogs.

The food is made either from chicken or fish and never contains Soy protein, artificial additives, or genetically modified ingredients.

Why choose Skyttens dry food?

  • Easy to digest and quality ingredients.
  • Offers complete nutrition for your pet.
  • Controlled by Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.
  • In accordance with all feed legislations.
  • Regular quality control of ingredients and manufacturing.