The Siberian husky born in our kennel won the world champion title for the second time in a row!

Siberi haski Archi maailmameister teist korda järjest

Photo: Urmas Luik

Archi, the husky from our kennel, together with his owner Hard, won the first place in the scooter RNB1 class at the world championship of the transport dog sport in Germany for the second year in a row.

We quote the Pärnu Postman:

Apart from Arch’s three few-second trackside marking breaks in the Central German forest, the Pärnuma tandem’s winning runs went without a hitch during the two-day event. Even in the starting area, where the dogs rushing onto the track every minute are waiting for their turn, Archi maintained calm and obedience in the midst of the riot. Nevertheless, animals, especially males, although they may appear tame, must be carefully observed. “If your dog bites you, you will immediately get a disc key at the World Cup,” says the owner.

The first place was narrowly won, but still as a result of smooth cooperation: a dog with neon orange braces in tow, followed by a scooter, the taste of blood in his mouth, Hardi straining.

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