Our baby Arcibald is now a big boy

The time has come when some of the kennel’s first puppies have reached adulthood and participate in prestigious competitions.

As a pup he had some lighter moments but basically he was a hooligan and hyperactive, a trait that later in training made him into a super pullingdog.

We are proud of Agirregoikoa Archibald’s achievements 🙂 and happy that Hardi Riis and Magdalena Donerstak chose him.
An athletic owner is every Siberian Husky’s dream. 🙂

Foto: Erle Hermann
Archibald and Hardi won the “LATVIAN OPEN 2021” dryland sleddog race / IFSS World cup 2021-22 event in DS1 RNB class.
We love you! ❤❤❤